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Commercial Kitchen Rental

We proudly offer commercial kitchen rental options equipped with commercial appliances, large and small wares, and tools to help you succeed in the culinary industry.

Our kitchen comes with a Rotating Revent Rack Oven, perfect for baking bread and pastries. The 30 and 60 gallon Kettles make preparing large batches of soups and sauces a breeze. And for dehydrating fruits and vegetables, we have the Commercial Dehydrator.

Our 30 quart Mixer will allow you to mix and knead dough with ease, and the Commercial Vacuum Sealer is perfect for packaging and preserving your food.


If frying is your game, we have Fryers available, as well as an Urschel High Capacity Dicer for precision cutting. Our Walk-in Cooler and Freezer will keep your ingredients fresh and ready to use. Our Double Deck Convection Oven and Six Burner Ranges will allow you to cook up a storm, while the Secure Cold and Dry Storage provides you with peace of mind when it comes to storing your products.


Need to receive or send out large shipments? No problem! You will have access to Multiple Loading Docks. We also have a whopping 12,000 square feet Cold Storage facility, complete with an Aging Room, Bottling Machine, Flash Freezer, and Commercial Peelers.


Your options are limitless here!

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Equipment Invetory

Rotating Revent Rack Ovens

30 and 60 gallon Kettles

Commercial Dehydrator

30 quart Mixer

Commercial Vacuum Sealer


Urschel High Capacity Dicer

Walk-in Cooler and Freezer

Double Deck Convection Oven

Six Burner Ranges
Secure Cold and Dry Storage
Access to Multiple Loading Docks
12,000 square feet of Cold Storage
Aging Room
Bottling Machine
Flash Freezer
Commercial Peelers

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2023-07-20 10.18_edited.jpg
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