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Our Kitchen

RFEC's shared use kitchen is a fully licensed commercial grade kitchen available for rent to local entrepreneurs.
Additionally, we use this space to process produce from local farmers as we work to extend the shelf life of local fruits and vegetables, and create additional jobs and revenue for the community.
We also work to increase awareness around the farm to table movement through catering, offering fresh and local foods to surrounding businesses as we continue to educate the community about our mission and vision.

Shared Use Kitchen

Are you a baker, caterer, specialty food producer, personal chef, cart vendor, or food truck owner looking for a low cost licensed kitchen to grow or expand your business?

Our Shared Use Kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment:

Rotating Revent Rack Ovens
30 and 60 gallon Kettles
Commercial Dehydrator
30 quart Mixer
Commercial Vacuum Sealer
Urschel High Capacity Dicer
Walk-in Cooler and Freezer
Double Deck Convection Oven
Six Burner Ranges
Secure Cold and Dry Storage
Access to Multiple Loading Docks
12,000 square feet Cold Storage
Aging Room
Bottling Machine
Flash Freezer
Commercial Peeler


Our fresh focused catering menu offers healthy and delicious meal options that emphasize the local flavors of our region. We source only the freshest, local ingredients for our catering events. Our menu highlights our most popular options however, we are happy to create custom menus tailored to your event and the seasonal availability of local products.

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