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Awesome Sauce

We get saucy around here at Republic Food… literally.

Barbeque season is finally here and we are excited! Not much is better than the smell of food on the grill, but what is better? Well-seasoned food on the grill.

We appreciate fresh food and well-cooked food. Not only do we work to get farm-fresh food on your table, but we also want to get you the right tools to make sure your meals are memorable.

At Republic Food Enterprise Center we help our local farmers source food by bridging the gap between farm and market, but buying produce through us isn’t the only way you can support these farmers. We also make our own products in-house using produce from these local farms. Our very own chef makes a variety of delicious sauces, rubs, jams, and jellies. These products can add some flavor to your meals and you will know exactly where the ingredients come from!

What types of sauces can I get from Republic Food Enterprise Center?

Well since barbeque season is rolling in let’s start with our BBQ sauces. With three options to choose from, everyone who’s coming to your cookout. We have our Kansas City BBQ, Texas BBQ sauce, and our Voodoo BBQ sauce. What’s the difference you might ask?

Kansas City BBQ sauce is a blend of sweet and tangy that is perfect for baby back ribs. Texas BBQ sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy which is perfect for chicken or pork. Lastly, our almost famous Voodoo BBQ sauce is a tasteful balance of sweet and tart and is perfect for any barbeque you’re grilling up.

All of these delicious sauces can be brought home to your grill for just $5 per 12 oz. bottle.

What else can I get from Republic Food Enterprise Center to take my barbeque to the next level?

Don’t worry we can help you season your food before it hits the grill too. We have dry rubs and seasonings to help elevate your prep and complement your sauces. We have 7 rubs/seasonings that are perfect for any needs: steak, chicken, wings, tacos or anything else your heart desires! All of which are priced at $4 each.

‘Tis the season to try them all! It always feels great to break out the grill and enjoy the weather. Not much is better than enjoying delicious food accompanied by beautiful weather.

All of our sauces and rubs can be found on our website,, at our location right here in Republic, PA or just give us a call to order yours now at 724-246-1536.

Kick of barbeque season right with so housemade, locally-sourced products that will take your grillmaster’s food to the next level.

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