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Let’s Work Together

What are ways you’re looking to work together?

During a time when we need to come together more than ever, we are looking to assist those around us with anything in our reach. Including, the dreamers. While we work every day to bridge the gap between farm and table and help the local farming community, we want to help those who have a vision for their own business too. We have so many services we offer to help elevate the beginning of your new journey. Everything from the kitchen to distribution, we are here to help.

We have a commercial kitchen available for rent if you need a space to chef up your tasty recipe. This kitchen has anything you could need to help you make your product in any size batches, but it’s especially great for large amounts! If you have a recipe ready to go, come on over to start cooking!

What are some ways you can help me with my newest creations aside from using your kitchen?

We can be your co-packers. We want to help you see your recipes come to life. Although, you still do have to make your recipe in our kitchen for us to help you package it due to Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture regulations. We are happy to help make, process and package your recipe. Our team can assist you with canning your product in any shape or size container. If we don’t have your perfect jar on site, we can get it for you. We will do a quick trial run, make sure everything fits and is to your liking, and then we will give you the price per unit.

While it might be a scary step to take, beginning your dream is worth it. We encourage you to take that recipe that you’ve been dying to share with others and start doing just that. Don’t fear losing that amazing, sacred recipe either because we will sign a nondisclosure agreement. Republic Food Enterprise Center will never take any of your recipes from you. They are yours and yours only, we just need them in order to create nutrition facts and labels for you.

Aside from simply jarring your items, we are happy to flash freeze or dry vac any products you might have. Why would you do this? Well this can be done to just about any item and it keeps them fresh much longer. If you grow your own produce but don't want it to go bad, bring it to us and we would be more than happy to flash freeze them so you can still enjoy them further down the road!

So if I don’t have a recipe that I want to create just yet, what are some other ways we can still work together?

We cater to anything you might need business-wise, but literally cater too. We will cater anything you might need, even if it’s just a couple of people. Republic Food Enterprise Center is happy to do so any time and just about anywhere. Our head chef, Chef Scott, has created a pre-set menu for catering, but he is happy to tailor it to any party. Whether it be for an occasion like celebrating going back to work or celebrating something special like a birthday, we are happy to provide some delicious food to accompany your celebration!

Check out our catering menu or give us a call to see what we might be able to make for you!

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