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Turkey SZN.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s looking a bit different this year, how can I adjust?

Well we know the huge gatherings may not be happening as much this year, but with that being said that doesn’t mean your Thanksgiving meal has to change. That’s what Republic Food Enterprise Center is here for. We want to be sure you are still getting to celebrate the holiday and being fed right, so we are offering a full Thanksgiving meal. This meal will serve up to six people with a variety of delicious dishes. Everything is homemade so you won’t have to miss out on that fresh cooked meal and you don’t have to worry about the mess of cooking. Sit back, relax and let us do the cooking for you.

For $99 you will get a full meal that includes: Tuscan dry rubbed roasted turkey breast, brown sugar glazed ham, redskin smashed potatoes with chives, old fashioned bread stuffing, candied yams toasted with marshmallows and pecans, whole berry cranberry salad, mixed green salad with house dressing, tom turkey pan gravy, yeast rolls with butter and your choice of green bean casserole or pan roasted brussel sprouts. You also get your choice of caramel apple, pumpkin or pecan pie for dessert. Now that’s what we call a meal!

Let’s not forget any bonus options we offer for your Thanksgiving feast, you can get additional sides for your meal that serve up to four people! These sides include: three-cheese mac and cheese ($12), grandma’s coleslaw ($9), maple glazed carrots ($9), a dozen buttermilk biscuits ($6) or butternut squash bisque ($5/quart). If that’s not enough, you can mix and match pie slices for $3 a slice. You can eat like kings and queens this holiday and barely have to lift a finger if you so choose! If you want to order your Thanksgiving takeout dinner, all you have to do is call Republic Food Enterprise Center (724-246-1536) and place your order by Wednesday, November 18. You can pick up your meal on Wednesday, November 25 or delivery is available on Tuesday, November 24 and everything comes with heating instructions! While this meal is fit for six people, we are happy to make it larger if you need.

That sounds delicious, but what if I still want to cook my Thanksgiving meal for my family?

If you love to cook, we will never hold you back from doing so. Republic Food Enterprise Center is here to help your meals be as tasty as can be. With that being said, what’s a Thanksgiving meal without a turkey? If you are in need of the star of your table, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for, turkeys! For $3.50 per pound, you can get a locally raised, farm fresh turkey for your table. These turkeys are fresh, never frozen and free of antibiotics and hormones and it will feed your whole family weighing in at around 18 to 25 pounds. Give us a call and order by Wednesday, November 18. You can pick up your turkey or have it delivered on Wednesday, November 25 to enjoy it on turkey day!

By ordering your turkey through us, not only are you getting a fresh turkey that is all natural, you are also supporting your local farmers. In a year like 2020, we feel that supporting local to celebrate this American holiday is a great way to embrace one another in a time we need it most. And of course, you can still be the head chef of Thanksgiving in your home.

What if my office or friends want to celebrate the holidays too?

If your office or friends want to have a friendsgiving celebration or even want to plan a holiday party for a little bit later, we can cater your party. We have a big menu full of delicious dishes that are all made in-house using as much locally sourced ingredients as we can. Our head chef, Scott Spiker, is amazing at what he does and will provide a meal that everyone at your holiday celebration will love. He has been in this business for over 30 years so he will not only make anything on the menu, but anything else you might want.

Republic Food Enterprise Center will work within any price range to create a yummy experience. We are happy to provide the food for not only your friendsgiving, but also any other holiday party you have coming up, all you have to do is give us a call a couple weeks in advance. We will cater it to you. There is no minimum or maximum amount of people that we will serve, and we are happy to deliver your food to your office or house or you can come pick it up from us.

Give us a call at 724-246-1536 and let us know what we can do for you this holiday season!

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