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Welcome 2021!

We are pleased to welcome a new year and usually that means resolutions. What’s yours?

Well so many people choose to start their healthy living routines or drink more water. Republic Food Enterprise Center wants to encourage yours to support your local businesses. As we come out of a crazy year full of uncertainty for so many people, it is so important to support those in our own communities. We work every day to help local businesses because a dollar spent in our community, stays in our community. Whether you are supporting Republic Food Enterprise Center or any other small business, you are helping those around you succeed.

At Republic Food Enterprise Center we help our local farmers source food by bridging the gap between farm and market, but buying produce through us isn’t the only way you can support these farmers. We also make our own products in house using produce from these local farms. Our very own chef makes a variety of delicious sauces, rubs, jams and jellies. These products can add some flavor to your meals and you will know exactly where the ingredients come from!

Great. Now when, where and how can I support?

You can order any of our products online or by just giving us a call! You can also keep an eye out for any food specials we are cooking up by liking our Facebook page! Our head chef, Scott Spiker, puts together homemade lunch, soup and holiday specials that can be pre-ordered and even delivered to you! There’s a variety of options and meals we make that are just right for your lunch break. We make sure to post these specials about a week or so in advance so you have time to order it for you and anyone else who might want one.

Ordering anything through us can help you support locally when it comes to food, but there are plenty of other ways and places you can support small businesses too. We think this is a time where supporting local businesses can be a great new year's resolution.

What if I want to start my own business in 2021?

We can definitely help you. If you’re looking to start your own business and jump start your career as a chef we have all of the tools you’re going to need. Republic Food Enterprise Center has its very own commercial kitchen that we use to create our own products and meals, but it is also available to anyone who might want or need it. Our kitchen has just about any appliance you could think of to help your dream become a reality. All you have to do is rent the space and it’s yours to use at any time of day or night. The kitchen is open 24/7 and when you rent this space out we will also provide you with any other business resources you need to launch your own business. To learn more about our kitchen and how you can launch your business at Republic Food Enterprise Center check out our blog: What's Cooking, Good Looking?

2021 is full of opportunity and hope. We want to help you and those around us enjoy this year. While 2020 was like no other year for any of us, we are hoping the year ahead of us can be so much better. Whatever your new year’s resolution for 2021, we ask you to please keep our communities in mind when you shop, grab a bite to eat or even as you start your next adventure. Please help those around you and support local businesses as best you can this year!

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