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From Our Farms To Your Table

Enhancing the overall well-being and sustainability of our community, we strive to promote economic, physical, and environmental health by ensuring that local, nutritious food options are accessible to all individuals. By making these wholesome choices readily available, we are committed to fostering a thriving community that prioritizes the welfare of our residents.

Welcome to the sustainable food hub for Western Pennsylvania.

We're passionate about supporting local farmers and the farm-to-table movement all year round. We believe every farmer should have access to new markets and that no produce should ever go to waste.

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Commercial Kitchen Rental

Are you a budding food entrepreneur looking for the perfect space to create and perfect your culinary creations? Look no further than Republic Food Enterprise Center's commercial kitchen rental!


Value-Added Products

At RFEC, we take pride in producing the most delicious and high-quality BBQ and wing sauces, rubs for meat and vegetables, salsa, apple button, and more in-house, using only the freshest local products.


Co-Packing Services

Small-scale farmers often face a variety of challenges when it comes to marketing their produce. That's why we're proud to offer a co-packing service that can help connect farmers with the resources they need to get their products into the marketplace.

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